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Observation and adventure tower

Enjoy a stunning distant view from 1000m above sea level

The Tower

After the ski jump tower on the Wurmberg had to be dismantled for age reasons, Braunlage has a landmark again with the new Wurmberg tower and the Harz mountains have another attraction at an altitude of 1000 metres.

The view

The Wurmberg Tower is an architectural jewel that offers its visitors a spectacular view of the Harz foothills, the Magdeburger Börde, the Kyffhäuser and Inselsberg mountains in Thuringia, the Kassel mountains, the Hohe Meißner, the Wasserkuppe in the Rhön and much more. On a clear day in the autumn and winter months, the view sometimes even reaches as far as the North Sea. On some days, you even float above the clouds and have a fascinating view into the distance and of the neighbouring Brocken, which also protrudes from the carpet of clouds.

The slide

If the climb up the Wurmberg tower took too long or was too strenuous for you, you can treat yourself to a happy and somewhat faster tower descent and be back down again in no time via the 30-metre tunnel slide.